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Like all sports, in order to succeed and play well, you must have a playing strategy and technique. In pickleball, there are common mistakes that can have a negative impact on your game. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 5 mistakes that you need to avoid in pickleball strategy.

Playing too close to the net

A common mistake that pickleball players make is playing too close to the net. We all want to play with power. However, playing too close to the net can cause you to lob the ball. You want to try your best to maintain a proper distance from the net so that you have enough time to react to your opponent's shots.

Failing to communicate with your partner

Communicate, communicate, communicate! When playing a doubles game, communication between partners is essential. If you do not communicate with your partner, it can lead to assumptions, missed shots, and lost points. To insure that you and your partner are on the same page, you and your partner should discuss strategies, establish a system of signals and calls. Even partners that have been playing together for a long time can still have confusion and miscommunication.

Over-reliance on the serve

Having a strong serve is important but a good serve alone cannot win the game. Many players make the mistake of relying too heavily on their serve and neglecting other aspects of their game. It is more important to play with a strategy and focus on all areas of the game.

Playing too conservatively

Whether you are beginner or advanced player, you don’t want to play too conservatively. Playing too conservatively can create errors and cause you to lose the game. Pickleball is a fast-paced game, and you need to be aggressive and take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Don't be afraid to be a little aggressive and take risks. You might surprise yourself with the power that you never knew you had!

Failing to adapt to your opponent's style

Every pickleball player has their own unique style and strategy. Part of making you a good player is knowing what your opponent's style is and being able to adapt to it. If you pay attention to your opponent's strengths and weaknesses and adjust your game accordingly, you will have a higher chance of winning the game.

Pickleball requires strategy and technique in order to succeed. Improving your pickleball game requires a combination of strategy and technique. Avoiding these top 5 mistakes such as maintaining a proper distance from the net, effective communication with your partner, playing a well-rounded game, being aggressive, and adapting to your opponent's style can help you become a skilled and successful pickleball player with practice.